NextUp time registration for drivers

Does your company have its own fleet of vehicles and do you employ drivers? Do drivers and the office spend considerable amount of time every month on time registration? Then NextUp may have the right solution available!

In this article we give you an impression of the options for (automatically) registering, checking, correcting, approving and exporting hours. In addition, NextUp optionally has the option to automatically apply pauze tables, register multi-day trips and automatically export overtime and expenses.

Paperless time registration

With the time registration app from NextUp, the hours of drivers are accurately registered. NextUp has a mobile app available for both iOS and Android.

At the start of his or her shift, the driver can press 'Start Service'. The standard loading, unloading and driving activities are automatically registered when the driver performs these activities. The driver does not have to perform any additional actions for this. In addition, the driver can set which other activities should be registered. This can be, for example, 'waiting' or 'depot' or 'order picking'.

Leave and illness can also be registered. Usually the choice is made to have this registered by the back office.

When returning from his or her shift, the driver can press 'End Shift'. All activities between the start of the shift and the end of the shift are registered within one shift. A shift can therefore take place over several days.

Checking and correcting hours

All services and registered hours are made available in NextUp TMS real-time. Within the overview there is the possibility to search by period and by name.

After completion of a shift, the back office has the option to approve hours. Hours can also be corrected. Corrections of e.g. hours, but also splitting or merging services or registrations.

If desired, it can be stored for each registration which vehicle has been used and for which (customer) order the activity applies.

It is also possible to see whether there is overlap in the registered hours. In principle, the registrations within one service are continuous. However, when corrections are made, an overlap can accidentally occur. This is indicated in red within NextUp TMS.

A location for every registration

For every activity registered by drivers, NextUp TMS saves the location. This can be useful when checking the hours, but also, for example, when customers request this.

Automatically applying pause time

It is possible for each shift to apply breaks automatically according to a self-configured break table. It is then up to the driver whether the break is actually taken.

Import and export hours

From the overview, a report of the hours can be exported to Excel for each period for each driver. It is also possible to do this export for all drivers at once. Within the exported overview, all start and end times of each registration are available. The subtotal is automatically added up for each shift.

Based on the Collective Labor Agreement guidelines for professional freight transport in the Netherlands, it is automatically calculated for each period within NextUp TMS which hours are paid 100%, 130%, 150% or 200%. In addition, a total of the overtime is calculated, and the expense allowance per shift.

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