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Transport management system as it should be

NextUp is transport management software as it should be: modern, user-friendly and intelligent – suitable for all logistics service providers and wholesalers for whom transport is critical to the operations. Have a look at our key features here!

Order management

Order management using NextUp is intuitive and gives an advanced overview of all the transport orders. Offers can be converted automatically into orders and the rates can be linked to them automatically too. Your customers can use the personalized customer portal to pass on transport orders automatically. Thanks to our APIs, which are based on the latest technology, the orders can also be imported automatically.

  • Extensive and intuitive overview of all orders and stops
  • Manual order input or automatic importing
  • Advanced customer portal
  • Customer portal for the customer’s clients
  • Conversion of offers into orders
  • Document management for e-mail, waybills, route lists and charter orders

Planning orders

Planning has never been so easy. The planning board lets you turn the orders into trips. Based on the information from the orders that have been created, allowances are made for delivery times, instructions and other variables. All the trips are optimized so that the drivers and vehicles can easily be assigned after the stops have been included. On top of that, you always have a real-time picture of the delivery times and you can use NextUp for printing all the labels, pick-up orders, route lists and checklists.

  • Smart grouping of unplanned orders
  • Planning orders and trips
  • Planning trips manually or automatically
  • Planning drivers, charters and vehicles
  • Route optimization

Because our internal process is a little bit different, NextUp provided a custom solution for us.

Bart de Rooij, CEO at Willems Logistics

Preparing for shipment

The NextUp app can help you scan packages, or indeed vehicles, refrigerators, keys and other equipment. Departure scans, depot scans and loading scans let the NextUp app check if all the goods have been processed properly.

  • Printing labels and scanning goods
  • Printing labels, pickup orders, route lists and checklists
  • Handling returns
  • Allocating goods per customer, trip or dock
  • Reporting problems
  • Taking photos when damage is reported

Distribution and transport

Once a trip has been linked to a driver or charter, it is immediately available in the NextUp app. It is also possible to let a group of drivers or charters claim a trip using the app. The first person to claim the trip gets it. The NextUp app is available for Android and iOS. It helps the driver make the right deliveries to the right client.

  • Overview of trips and stops
  • Delivery scan and return scan
  • Site pass scanning
  • Tasks and dynamic questionnaires
  • Reporting problems and irregularities
  • Digital signatures and waybills
  • Recording activities and time spent

Monitoring the transport process

Both you and your client can use NextUp to monitor the entire transport process. It gives you a real-time overview of deliveries, vehicles, drivers, charters and the exceptions and any deviations so that things can be adjusted immediately. Planners, drivers and clients are warned on time via the notification centre and every packaging unit in the supply chain can be followed.

  • A real-time picture of the delivery times for both planners and clients
    Insights into the communication between the planner, driver and client
  • Locations of drivers and their current activities
  • Proactively sending text messages, and/or e-mails about arrival times
  • Notifications for deviations in the process
  • Temperature profile over time for vehicles or goods

Financial & reporting

A clear financial overview is indispensable for any transport organization. NextUp gives you extensive capabilities for setting rates and surcharges. Invoicing can be done for multiple clients at the same time, based on orders or trips or on an ad hoc basis. The timesheets for drivers and self-billing for charters keep you up to date about your costs at all times.

  • Purchasing rates and sales rates
  • Surcharges
  • Invoicing
  • Indexation of rates
  • Cost estimates and final cost calculations
  • Self-billing
  • Timesheets and the collective labour agreement
  • Exporting data to external software packages

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NextUp gets you ready for the future!

One thing is crucial to logistics service providers: that the freight gets from A to B safely, correctly and quickly. Our features are designed to optimize logistical processes and make your work easier.

Safe guaranteed
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Integrations and interfaces

We already provide lots of tools and applications as standard at NextUp. Our modern software and API let us develop custom solutions together with you, the customer, so that we can align the processes with each other even more effectively.

  • AFAS
  • Exact
  • Twinfield
  • PTV Group
  • Europetrack
  • Graphhopper

Keeping your data secure with NextUp

Data security is one of our top priorities and so our setup for it is strict: we have a dedicated team concentrating on data security, security by design and secure software development. We also provide staff training that makes sure that the whole organization is squarely behind our protocols. At NextUp, your data is in good hands.

  • Certified hosting with redundant storage
  • Encrypted data
  • 24/4 Uptime backups

NextUp TMS can handle all the levels within your transport organization

Working together is how you progress – and we make it just a little bit easier.

  • CEOs and management
  • Planners
  • Drivers
  • Hauliers

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