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NextUp: a new solution in transportation software

One thing is crucial to logistics service providers and shippers: that the freight is picked up and delivered safely, quickly and on time. On top of that, it is extremely important that everyone in the supply chain is kept informed correctly and in good time – especially if things aren’t going as planned.

Our software helps you handle the entire process. We give you a clearer picture of the whole transport process for you and your customers as well as automating critical actions to save time. We also create a modern working environment that is fully aligned to your organization’s processes.

NextUp TMS in short...

One thing is crucial to logistics service providers: that the freight gets from A to B safely, correctly and quickly. That’s what we’ve set up all our features to do. It means your work will be easier, quicker and more pleasant.

Flexible and modern

The most user-friendly transport management system!

We use all the very latest techniques to make sure the way NextUp works is intuitive. We combine standard components with customized software where necessary so that you don’t have to waste time finding solutions.

Together with you, we make sure that the software fits in perfectly with the process at your organization. Which lets you offer your clients exactly what you’ve promised them!

Integrations and interfaces

We already provide lots of tools and applications as standard at NextUp. Our modern software and API also let us develop customized interfaces together with the customer, making sure that the focus is on your process and that our solution is aligned with the rest of your work.

  • Snelstart
  • Exact
  • Visma.net ERP
  • PTV Group
  • Europetrack
  • Graphhopper

Guaranteed security 24/7 with NextUp!

Data security is one of our top priorities and so our setup for it is strict: we have a dedicated team concentrating on data security, security by design and secure software development. We also provide staff training that makes sure that the whole organization is squarely behind our protocols. At NextUp, your data is in good hands.

  • Certified hosting
  • Redundant storage
  • Encrypted data
  • 24/7 Uptime backups

NextUp TMS can handle all the levels within your transport organization

Working together is how you progress – and we make it just a little bit easier.

CEOs and management

Excellent service for your customers, good operational figures and doing the right thing by your staff – that’s what you want when you’re running a company. Our business-critical software will help you do that, setting you genuinely apart from the competition.


The heart of a transport business is it’s planning! Correct planning makes sure the business keeps running. We help the planners take decisions proactively, be alert to deviations, and get appropriate notifications at the right moments.


Without the drivers, there’d be no transport. They’re the human face of your organization. We give them the right tools to be successful. It goes without saying that the external hauliers you work with can also use the portal and the app.


NextUp TMS not only provides a modern customer portal but also lets your customers’ clients log in via the portal to create orders, receive notifications and track the status of their deliveries. That’s really useful.

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