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This is how NextUp makes sure Van de Wetering Transportservice can keep its promises

Van de Wetering Transportservice has been around since 1997. For more than twenty years, they have been providing climate-controlled rapid transport and special deliveries to data centres, hospitals, private yachts and others.

Bob van de Wetering, the owner-manager, believes reliability and speed are very important.
“Special transport and rapid transport are the core of our courier business. So the key priority is doing everything fast and correctly. We often only find out today what we are going to be transporting tomorrow.”

For that, you need transport management software that makes the process run smoothly.
“We heard about NextUp from another haulier when NextUp was still in the start-up phase,” says Bob. “We were looking for something better suited to the present day.”

Reliable and quick

The motto of Van de Wetering. Something they embody in their service and customer approach. They have a wide-ranging fleet for virtually all types of transport and they are an internationally recognized courier.

Van de Wetering therefore use a variety of vehicles that have different prices. NextUp automatically links the right prices to the transport depending on the vehicle used. A handy bit of back-end automation that makes the front end much quicker.

On top of that, one step has been eliminated: customers can enter orders themselves that Van de Wetering then accepts and processes. This puts customers more in control of their own transports and allows Van de Wetering to be more transparent.

“We fill in the details for the order and plan it using NextUp. And then the drivers can get down to work!” This means that the drivers' app has also become important for Van de Wetering Transportservice. “The communication with the driver and cargo tracking are great. The drivers record the status of the cargo, which lets us give a clearer picture to our customers.”

“We use almost all the features of NextUp,” says Bob. “We’re currently trialling the timesheet registration through the app as well.”

The communication with the driver and cargo tracking are great. The drivers record the status of the cargo, which lets us give a clearer picture to our customers

Bob van de Wetering, director/owner

Track & Trace

Real-time tracking is hugely important if you work with freight. It has become a standard requirement for deliveries to both businesses and consumers. Particularly if you run rapid and special transports, like Van de Wetering.

“We can track our cargoes at any time of day. That lets us keep our clients up to date about the expected arrival time so that they in turn can plan for it.”

There is another important goal too: reducing fuel consumption. The track and trace system at Van de Wetering lets them arrange their transports as efficiently as possible and helps the drivers locate hard-to-find places. Which benefits both the customer and the environment!

To the future!

“At the time, we chose NextUp because they are constantly improving the software and genuinely do something with the feedback we give them. The communication was a bit awkward at first, but the close cooperation meant we could present our points and talk about them. The collaboration has improved quite a lot over those two years!”

A modern TMS too?

The most important thing for couriers is that their cargoes get to the destination quickly, safely and correctly. Being able to save time on administrative matters is another immensely valuable plus. If you want your transport to progress and your transport process to be even more efficient, contact us for details.

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